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Guest performance spots may be booked by emailing the following information to the above email or copy and paste into the box on the right.  Guest spot request is based on availability only and not guaranteed.  We currently do not offer travel reimbursement but we do offer compensation and tips.


Name/Performer Name:


Contact email:                                

Song Title/Artist:

Video Link to performance:  

Preferred payment option:


Introduction for the Host:

(Do not assume the Host will make up something witty for you.)

Please also include a photo for promotion purposes.  

If booked you will be contacted at a later date with show information, a request for audio and any further information if needed.  

General Questions


Do you have an act that you would like to have reviewed?  Simply email us and we will offer you constructive criticism to help you polish your act.  We will also offer advice on bookings, act creation, music choices and more.  Our team has over 30 years combined experience to help you in any way we can.  

Be sure to include


Email address:

Video Link to performace:

Any further questions:


Thank you for submitting. We will contact you shortly.

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